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Katie returns as the Bachelorette! I curated some resources to prep for the premiere.

I'm excited for the new season of The Bachelorette with Katie Thurston. She wouldn't be my first choice, but she's outspoken and has a strong personality, so it should be an interesting season at least. See my new doodle and some resources!

I was inspired by her latest promo pics (see below) and was going to draw her with a rose, but chose a different accessory instead ... Something she could still hold onto after Matt James sent her home.

Katie is the newest Bachelorette.
Katie is the newest Bachelorette.

Katie Thurston wears a "Be a Katie" t-shirt and holds a rose.
Be a Katie - this is the inspiration for my doodle.

As I wait for it to start, I'm getting ready:

Look at the cast here.

And if you want a hilarious take, I enjoy reading Jared Fried's recap on Betches.

And, New York Mag always has a take that make me laugh out loud.

I've never done this, but today's the day to fill out a bracket if you want to get competitive.

I'm watching for the drama, distraction, hilarious tweets, and a good excuse to drink rose.

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