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How The Home Edit on Netflix took over my life for a month

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Organizing has never come naturally to me. So when I discovered Marie Kondo a few years ago, her words became my bible. I tore apart my room, refolded every item into a neat-color coded roll, and gave away everything that didn't immediately "spark joy."

Recently, my sister moved in and the rest of the apartment needed major reorganization with the influx of stuff. Luckily, Netflix came out with "The Home Edit" just in time. I got addicted to Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin's colorful and joyful method of organizing and tore my home apart once again.

As a marketer and former communication major, another thing I appreciate about the women behind THE is that the founders created their own lingo to make organizing even SOUND less messy. There is no "extra stuff" — there's "backstock." You're not "storing your crap," you're "archiving it."

After a month of "editing" (not "tearing apart") my apartment, I also drew three doodles based on my own experiences. A reaction and two glossaries. I hope it helps you get in the zone!

Plus, The Home Edit, reposted this on Instagram, see below!

Me after binging "The Home Edit"

Me watching The Home Edit then organizing my apartment
Me after binging The Home Edit.

The Home Edit Glossary

I define The Home Edit terms: high-touch, edit, archive, and zone.
Study these words to make organizing fun!

The Home Edit Glossary, part 2

I define The Home Edit terms: backstock, sentimental, product, and system.
With this vocab, organizing isn't messy.

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