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I drew a review of the inauguration fashion

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

I really enjoyed the winter fashion show .. I mean inauguration ... on Wednesday. I loved watching so many diverse faces fill the screen as well as the colorful outfits. It felt hopeful! Also, here's some context for the "shoe-stopper" below.

Scroll to see all the doodles! I did a video version, too.

Danielle in Doodles interviews Kamala Harris at inauguration.
Danielle in Doodles interviews Kamala Harris.
Jill Biden, Amanda Gorman, Michelle Obama at inauguration.
I need a new winter coat!
Lady Gaga, Ella Emhoff, and Jennifer Lopez at inauguration.
Attendees made a statement with fashion.
Bernie Sanders, President Joe Biden, and Nikolas Ajagu.
Men attended and were not as colorful.
Donald Trump watching the inauguration.
Trump stayed in Florida.

Video version

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