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Amy Schumer breaks her silence about Hilaria Baldwin

Updated: Mar 10, 2021


Amy gave an interview about the drama with Hilaria!

Amy Schumer/Hilaria recap for those who don't know: Comedian Amy Schumer is accidentally, sort of responsible for the Hilaria Baldwin scandal. In case you missed it, she posted a picture of Hilaria holding her newborn son in lingerie with a caption saying something like, "Happy holidays from Gene and me" (Gene is the name of Amy's baby). It was a joke. Hilaria didn't get it. It became a thing. Amy posted again joking about Spain. Hilz still didn't get it, and the new attention on Hilaria brought to light that she wasn't actually Spanish like she'd claimed. (I covered the Hilaria Baldwin story here and here).

Doodle explanation: So finally, Amy, who has been uncharacteristically quiet recently, addressed it this week, and I doodled my favorite quotes, but also what I think she wanted to say!

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