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Jew of the Week: How NYC producer Adam Gold broke into the industry and his take on comedy trends

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

About five years ago, I attended a 20s/30s Shabbat in the basement of a bar in midtown. At some point, I met Adam Gold. He said he was into comedy and he was new to New York. He was my sister's age. I said they should meet.

Now, Gold is an up-and-coming producer whose biggest show to date is on Tuesday, June 26, a 3 Dollar Bill in Brooklyn called "My Big Fat Gay Jewish Christmas Spectacular." It's an all-queer lineup with drag, comedy, music, a 25-piece brass band. (I'm going and I can't wait!)

He's producing and co-writing an animated show for Adult Swim that's airing on HBO later this year. And, he recently got a writing credit on Indolent Allen, an Adult Swim show.

Gold, who's from New Orleans, said he's excited about the band, as it's an homage to his hometown. But Gold got his start producing a live collegiate-Emmy-winning satirical news show at University of Maryland, which had a live band.

He also said queer comedians are so important. It helps the queer community to discover these entertainers through shows and on social media before they end up on TV.

I enjoyed talking in depth with Adam and learning about growing up Jewish in the south, how he started networking at a young age, why he decided to pivot from being in shows to producing them, how he almost ended up on reality TV, and what he sees for the future of comedy.

Watch the interview with NYC comedy producer Adam Gold here

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