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Suffer no more at Seder! Order a funny, modern, inclusive, illustrated, printable Haggadah. It's light, you'll laugh, and you'll learn!


You'll receive an email with a digital download. Read it on your computer, tablet, or phone, or even print it out. Please don't forward this document

This Haggadah puts an urban spin on the story we all know while keeping the order and tradition of the evening in an easy-to-follow format. And it has beautiful, original, colorful artwork. The story is based in NYC—Moses is sent down the East River on a ferry, he grows up in the Mayor's Mansion on the East River, and leads the Jews out of NY to NJ. Plus it has timely jokes, transliterations, and discussion questions.


The Seder will take 30 minutes to an hour and half, depending on how much you talk, laugh, and sing!



- It’s also mercifully short, cute and DIY. - Jay Michaelson, The Forward

- "It’s a mouthful for a name, but a bit of wordplay most New Yorkers will appreciate. Danielle Brody’s haggadah, which she also playfully illustrated, “'puts an entertaining spin on the thousand-year-old tale.'” - Caleb Guedes-Reede, JTA

- We LOVED it! So funny and creative. We look forward to next year’s version, Amy L.

- Very clever and funny...added some humor and some thoughtfulness to our "COVID" seder.

- It kicked ass!! We laughed a lot! For once the service was the best part of the Sedar.


Printable Don't Fuhaggadahboudit Funny Passover Haggadah - Digital Download


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