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Passover seders and events for young professionals in NYC 2024

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Passover Seder NYC
Passover seder at JCP in 2023 with Rabbi Deena Silverstone.

Passover is coming! Ever since I started making a Haggadah in 2021, I'm all about helping people celebrate this holiday, whether you go home every year or need somewhere to go.

Check out upcoming Passover events and seders in New York City to celebrate the holiday and find something that's right for you — from social events to seders. Some of the events below are specifically for 20s/30s, some are for everyone. If I missed an event, email me at hi @ Note that some events have early-bird signups.

And if you don't have a Haggadah yet — check out mine, a NYC-themed one, "Don't Fu-haggadah-boud-it."

Pre-Passover events

Thurs., April 18 | PAS: NextDor Passover Wine Tasting

7 pm | Park Avenue Synagogoue | UES | $18

Before filling your four cups at the seder, sample some kosher wine selections and find your new favorite vintage! Daniel Mesznik of McCabes Wine & Spirits will walk us through new brands and vintages to try at our seder tables.

Sat., April 20 | Beach Cafe Chametz Party

8 pm | Beach Cafe | UES

Come join us at Beach Cafe for a fun night of music and pizza!!

With Passover on the horizon this is the perfect time to get your last licks in and have a good time.

Music DJ Blu all night.

It's going to be a blast and can't wait to see you there :)

Sign up here.

Passover Seders

Mon., April 22 | NYConnect 20s/30s Seder at Temple Israel

8 pm | Upper East Side | Reform | $36

If you or another young professional in their 20s/30s does not have a place for a 1st night Seder, we have a seat for you! Join NYConnect as we embark on a unique Seder journey at Temple Israel of the City of New York, complete with full dinner, drinks, Passover fun, and wonderful people. Led by Peter Young.

Mon., April 22 | Celebrate Passover at The BJC @ Pelham Parkway

8 pm | Bronx | Chabad

The Bronx Jewish Center @ Pelham, Parkway is hosting a Community Passover Seder for all of its Bronx and Westchester residents. Please join us for a warm and inviting atmosphere, and gourmet Passover cuisine. Enjoy a meaningful and interactive Seder with your children and family and friends. The Bronx Jewish Center is located at 900 Pelham Parkway South, Bx NY 10462. We look forward to welcoming you!

PLEASE RSVP to us at OR phone at 718-812-1701.

Mon., April 22 | Flatbush / Midwood Community Seder

Flatbush/Midwood | Chabad

Jewish Families join together to relive our Exodus from Egypt and experience the Seder in a fun, warm, and inviting atmosphere.

Kids are part of the Seder!

  • English, Hebrew and Russian easy-to-use Haggadahs.

  • Matza and wine/grape juice provided.

  • Mouth watering Kosher-for-Passover meal.

Price: $25 adult / $20 child $70 / family max. No one will be turned away due to the lack of funds. Please call Rabbi Dovber at 718-406-3915

Mon., April 22 | 20s and 30s First-night seder at MJE

7:30 pm | Spanish Benevolent Society | Chelsea | $82+

Join 20s & 30s YJPs for spirited, social, interactive and engaging Seders. Join MJE Downtown Director, Rabbi Ezra Cohen and 100+ YJPs for a user-friendly explanatory Seder with a delicious meal. Open bar. Catered dinner. Buffet Desserts.

Mon., April 22 | Ohel Ayalah Community Seder


What: First-Night Passover Seder for all (and customized for those in their 20s and 30s) in 2024 in New York City.

  • Wine tasting at 6:00pm (for those in their 20s and 30s), seder for all from 6:30pm to about 10 pm

  • We will read (sometimes in Hebrew and sometimes in English), sing, discuss, and debate. And also schmooze.

  • Using Haggadah: A Different Night, The Family Participation Haggadah (and you can keep it!)

This is likely to be a large Passover Seder of around 200 people. Some show up at this seder by themselves, some with a family member, and some with a friend. If you wish, you can choose to sit at a table for singles.

Tues., April 23 | Don't Fuhaggadahboudit Second Night Seder

5:30 pm | Jewish Community Project (JCP) Downtown | Tribeca | $72

Experience an entertaining Seder with a modern twist and the story of Pharaoh and Moses reimagined in NYC, with special guest Danielle Brody of Jews in Doodles. This is open to all ages and includes dinner! The seder will be community-oriented and interactive.

We’ll follow “Don’t Fu-haggadah-boudit,” a funny, timely, illustrated Haggadah that is written for adults, but it’s appropriate for all ages, inclusive for newcomers, and interactive.

Tues., April 23 | Gertie x Brooklyn Jews

6 pm | Gertie | Williasmsburg | $90

Join GERTIE for an extra special Passover Seder. We’re partnering up with Brooklyn Jews for what will be the perfect mix of tradition and fun! CBE's Rabi Matt Green will lead the Seder using Jonathan Safran Foer’s Haggadah and GERTIE will serve up a delicious (K for P) festive meal, with dessert from our friends at Dacha 46. Dinner and all-you-can-drink Wine will be included in the ticket price.

Tues., April 23 | Out of the Narrow Place: Community Seder

7:30 pm | B'nei Jeshurun | UWS | $136+

Let us come together in song, ritual, and celebration as we reenact the Passover story and think about how we can move from narrowness to the great expanse in our own lifetimes. Connect with the community as we journey through this seder led by Rabbi Sammy Kanter, and enhanced by BJ’s team of musicians. All are welcome.

BJ’s Community Seder includes a full Pesah meal, elegantly provided by a Kosher caterer.

Tues., April 23 | 20s and 30s Second-night seder at MJE

8:30 pm | MJE West | UWS | $82+

Join MJE and Aaron and Leora Blustein for an incredible fun-filled second night seder with 100+ YJPs in the heart of the upper west side. Open bar. Catered dinner. Buffet Desserts. Explanatory Seder.

Passover catering and restaurant seatings

  • Kubeh, West Village - offers Passover catering and dine-in Sephardic meal with wine pairing. Learn more here.

  • Miriam, Brooklyn + Upper West Side - an Israeli take on the traditional Passover meal. Learn more here.

  • Mile End, Brooklyn - Feast without the fuss this Passover! 🍽 From matzo ball soup to brisket, Mile End Deli delivers all your Pesach favorites. Free pickup in Brooklyn and UWS, or delivery in Brooklyn & Manhattan. Learn more here. Or, do your own second-night seder at Mile End. Reserve here.

  • Katz Deli, Lower East Side - On Passover you have to eat in a reclining position so let us do all the cooking for you! Order a meal with everything you need or a la carte. Pick up or get delivery. Learn more here.

Week of Passover Events

Thurs., April 25 | 20s and 30s Passover Wine Tasting

6:30 pm | Central Synagogue | Midtown East | $15+

Our Passover seders are filled to the brim with wine – four cups of wine, Elijah’s cup of wine, drops of wine representing the plagues – but are we really taking the time to appreciate the “fruit of the vine?” Learn how to pick out the appearance, palate, nose, and characteristics of quality wines in a special tasting led by sommelier and 20s & 30s Central member Michelle Aspis. Chocolate and cheese pairings will be provided.

Thurs., April 25 | 20s and 30s Matzah Pizza Party

7-9:30 pm | JCC | UWS | $25

In person. Looking for a way to spice up your Passover? We have the perfect recipe. Come to the JCC to make matzah pizza using kitchen torches and a variety of kosher for Passover ingredients, enjoy quality kosher for Passover wine, and schmooze!

Thurs., April 25 | That's Sooooo Jewish - Passover Edition!

7-9:30 pm | Asylum | Flatiron | $30+


Come watch as two JEWLEBRITY contestants and ONE audience member compete through 5 rounds of trivia, sketch comedy, music and MORE all fighting to be crowned “MOST CHOSEN PERSON!” Feel like you’ve got what it takes to be labeled “Bubby Approved”? Suffer from IBS but you're addicted to cheesecake? Not Jewish at all but have a ton of anxiety in general? COME FIGHT IT OUT ON THAT'S SO JEWISH!!!

Subscribe to my newsletter for weekly doodles, funny stories, events, and behind-the-scenes insights into the evolution of Danielle in Doodles here.

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