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Why I got kicked off the Amtrak train

Pretty much every time I travel something goes wrong, even when I plan ahead. I wanted to change that narrative. I've also been wanting to step up my modes of transit. So, when I was invited to a bachelorette party in Philly, I decided instead of taking NJ Transit or a bus from New York, I'd uplevel and take Amtrak.

About a month before the trip, I found cheap tickets on Amtrak. Yay! When I finally booked them, I was so excited. Ticket one was a bit ambitious — leaving Friday at 7 am so I could get there before work. I'd make it happen! What could go wrong?

Well, on Friday, I missed the train. Then I made my Sunday train! But I got kicked off. Here's the whole hilarious story!

Part 1: Friday

Part 2: Sunday

I will add that of course, when I had to leave the train I ended up in Trenton Transit Center and my phone died. I asked a police officer if there were any available outlets, and he said there were none. That was so much theft because people left devices charging unattended, that the station closed off every single outlet. Lucky me!

Overall, if you've ever taken Amtrak or looked for tickets, the whole system is kind of ridiculous and the rules really depend on your luck with the conductor. But will I take it again? Yeah, I have a credit.

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