Join us for a Passover Comedy show featuring Arielle Kaplan, FreddyG, Eitan Levine, and Jess Salomon

When the Seder's over, let's laugh! We can't have bread but we can enjoy jokes.

To keep the excitement around my Haggadah, "Don't Fuhaggadahboudit," going, I produced a Jewish comedy show with four amazing NYC comedians and writers hosted at West Side Comedy Club on Weds, April 20, 2022. Let's kvetch about all things Jewish and Passover, and maybe even 4/20 too.

I'm a fan of all four comedians, and am especially excited that this will be Arielle Kaplan's debut show.

Haggadahs will be available for purchase at the event and our "Come and get me" afikomen tee and "Don't Fuhaggadahboudit" tee.

I'm also hosting a second-night seder on April 16, but added this event to offer something for those who are spending the holiday with family. Read more about the comedians below. Special thanks to my sister for creating the adorable event poster.

Join us!


Dinner and Matzah available.

Show runs 7:00-8:00 PM

Two Item Minimum

Passover comedy lineup

Arielle Kaplan is a Jewish culture writer, educational-comedy podcaster, and seductress of Zion. Follow her on Instagram: @whoregasmic and Twitter: @buffyfangirl94 .