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Dyker Heights is the ultimate holiday destination in brooklyn

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Dyker Heights with my dad and sister. Homes from narrow townhouses to stucco mansions are decked out with detailed nativity scenes, real lights, projected lights, jazzed up trees, blow-up snowmen, Santa on the roof, elves, wreaths, and more.

But, what really caught my eye were the clear light-up inflatables on a stick being sold on every corner to children. My dad kindly bought me one. (Yes, this was recent, not a childhood memory). It made the experience much better and I felt like I fit in with all the kids. One child motioned that she wanted my unicorn balloon but despite the holiday season, I was not in a giving mood. The balloon is still in my apartment and makes me happy.

Video version

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