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Dating in NYC | The cutest New York City date ideas that went wrong in cartoons

Updated: May 23, 2022

In my relationship, I'm the planner. I love planning dates all around New York City. I've lived in Brooklyn and Astoria, so I enjoy going back to eat, visit museums, breweries, bars, and more. I also love discovering things to do all over Manhattan.

In New York, something as simple as a picnic, a walk, or a ferry ride can make a good date. I'm really looking forward to the Philharmonic returning to Central Park next month.

My boyfriend is new to New York City, so I try to show him new things. It's such a nice experience! We both have a good sense of humor, because usually, something goes wrong on one of these cute dates.

Cute NYC dates in cartoons

Which of these dates do you want to try?

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