As a content creator with an e-commerce platform, these are the 8 essential tools I use and why

Content creator at her laptop.

It’s always been my dream to start my own content company, and I finally had the time during the pandemic. Danielle in Doodles came together organically — I drew a colorful doodle about my exes and posted it on my personal Instagram. People liked it, so I kept going. It grew to custom orders, videos, a lot of social media posts, cards, a book, and more.

I found myself needing to create a website, find a newsletter platform, schedule social media, edit videos, and conduct e-commerce. I’ve done a lot of research on each one. I have a background in content and marketing working at companies, but running my own side hustle is totally different. A lot of these tools I ended up paying for, and I’ll explain why. Deciding which tools to use was overwhelming and required a lot of research.

Here’s what I use — besides the obvious platforms like Instagram and Facebook — and why.

Wix for an all-in-one CRM, CMS, website, and newsletter hub

Finding the right web host was very important to me because I didn’t want to create my website twice. I’ve used WordPress before but decided against it because it’s more suited towards a true blog or news site and can require coding. I wanted to be able to make my site very custom and colorful and have it grow with me.

I chose Wix because I’ve already used it to create my personal site, it’s connected to a lot of apps, and most importantly, it has a good newsletter tool. Once I upload a cartoon to the blog, I don’t want to repeat that for another newsletter platform like MailChimp.

I got the premium subscription so I have no ads and the domain is more seamless.

I don’t pay for my personal portfolio, and it doesn’t look as good on mobile, but my paid one does. And it drops the vanity URL ( when you explore different pages.

I also looked at MailChimp and GoDaddy, which offer similar services. But, Mailchimp is really good at newsletters, not websites, and vice versa for GoDaddy.

I decided to host my website on GoDaddy just in case I didn’t like Wix. And I bought the domain as well, just in case I ever drop the “in” or if someone forgets it.

I also like that Wix connects with Google Drive, so it’s easy to upload images that I’ve stored there from my Samsung Tablet.

It’s not perfect — sometimes it's a little slow, doesn’t have everything I want, like embeds in the newsletter. But, overall, I’m happy with it.